General FAQ's

What is the structure of ۶app?

۶app has a unique innovative structure providing the Christian education for students from Preschool, Prep to Year 12. Our dual campus structure has Junior School (Prep to Year 6) learning on the William Cowper Campus in a coeducational setting. Our Year 7-9 students are also located on this sprawling rural campus, in single gender classrooms. Our Senior students (Years 10-12) are based at the Brisbane Street Campus in a coeducational setting. The ۶app community Preschool is also located on the Brisbane Street Campus. ۶app also offers a first of its kind distance education program called e۶app. In 2023 this will include students from Year 5 to 9 who will be able to access a quality ۶app education from home.

What is the Vision/Mission of ۶app?

۶app is a Christian community empowering purposeful lives through the provision of outstanding education, a focus on holistic growth and opportunities.

At ۶app we strive to be creators of hope and change that matters.

What is the Christian Focus at ۶app?

As a Christian School, we aim to reflect the grace and generosity across our community that God has demonstrated to us through the Lord Jesus Christ.

We seek to honour God in the excellence of our learning and life together. In their time at ۶app students will grow in their understanding of their world, themselves and their creator. 

Our Christian focus has shaped the ۶app values of Resilience, Integrity, Selflessness, Inclusiveness. Students of all beliefs and backgrounds are welcome in our School and we encourage discussion on these matters. Our Boarding students continue to uphold the CHRIST values of Compassion, Humility, Respect, Initiative, Service and Trust as they live in community. 

Does our family have to be Christian to be part of the ۶app community?

No. The ۶app community is a diverse community empowering purposeful lives through the provision of outstanding education and a focus on holistic growth and opportunities in a Christian environment.

At ۶app one of our core values, which is consolidated across the School in the learning and the Wellbeing journey, from Prep to Year 12 is inclusiveness. 

۶app welcomes students and families from all faiths and backgrounds and seeks to create a respectful environment every student is valued as an individual and welcomed into our School community.

Why should I choose ۶app for my son or daughter?

Choosing the right school for your son or daughter is a major decision. Educational opportunity is one of the greatest gifts you can give your child. ۶app prides itself on having happy and successful students but this doesn’t happen by chance. At ۶app we build a strong foundation that sets our students on the path of success. Within our community every boy and girl is valued and known as an individual. We offer countless opportunities, ensuring that every day, each child is learning, growing and serving in the context of an inspiring and supportive community.

۶app considers it a privilege to journey with parents, creating an environment that encourages, nurtures and challenges your child to be the very best they can be. We are uniquely able to offer students a seamless learning, social and wellbeing journey from Prep to Year 12, with our innovative model. Our Year 6 children enjoy a seamless move to ۶app 7-9, as part of a transition program designed to have them well equipped and ready to make the move to Secondary schooling. Similarly, as our children move from Year 9 to Years 10-12 at Brisbane Street, they stay connected to the one ۶app family as they prepared for life after school. We encourage you to come and see the School for yourself, consider the opportunities that will be available to your child and family as they progress through ۶app and become part of our wider community. Call us on 5776 5100 as we would love to show you our campuses and meet at your convenience.

What is a ۶app graduate? Why ۶app?

Our aim is to produce graduates from our School with the following attributes, to make a difference in the world:

  • Learners who are critical thinkers, knowledgeable, creative, collaborative and articulate
  • Growing to be courageous, resilient, independent, confident and knowing the Christian message
  • Serving others through being selfless, caring, principled, inclusive and grateful.

۶app has consistently been the top performing school in the HSC in northern NSW*, with students regularly achieving top ten in the State places in various subjects.

At the same time we strive to ensure whole student growth, with focus on social emotional learning alongside our outstanding academic and co-curricular program. We aim to support, nuture and inspire our students to become confident young men and women, ready to make a difference in the world beyond school.

What other opportunities are provided for ۶app students?

From Prep to Year 12, ۶app students are offered a diverse range of opportunities both inside and beyond the classroom. These include academic, cultural, sporting, co-curricular, musical, drama, dance and social activities that supplement school life, from equestrian, rugby, cattle team,enviro club, chess club, musical ensembles and much more. There are simply too many to mention. We encourage you to explore our website or call our Enrolments Team, on 5776 5100, to find out more.

Can parents become involved?

Yes, there are many ways to get involved. The partnership between school and parents supports best learning and community for children. You can volunteer to be a parent helper for some of your child’s learning sessions, such as Literacy groups, you can join in on working bees, participate in the volunteer Parents and Friends Association or you can support us by taking part in fundraisers and social events. You will also be invited to be a number of activities throughout the year, such as the Easter Hat Parade, Grandparents Day and Christmas Carols. In non-Covid times parents are invited to join class assemblies and visit individual classrooms.

How much will it cost to send my child to ۶app?

Our latest fees are available on the website or you can click here. Here you can also view our generous sibling discounts and flexible payment plans. For more information call 5776 5100 and ask for Finance.

What about transport and school buses to the campus?

Town buses service the William Cowper Campus in our special bus lane. Arrangements for Prep and Kindergarten children are communicated to the class teachers each day and they assist your son or daughter at pick up time.

What is the ۶app House structure?

۶app has adopted four Houses for sporting and cultural representation across the whole School, from Prep to Year 12. 2021 is the first year of these Houses.  The new Houses are named after prominent Australians who excelled in their fields. The four Houses are:

Nicholls - Named after Sir Douglas Nicholls, the first Australian Indigenous Governor, Christian charitable worker and AFL player. The Red and Black colours are taken from the Aboriginal Flag.
Sheean - named after Teddy Sheean, winner of the Victoria Cross for bravery in the Royal Australian Navy, with the colours of Sky Blue and White representing the ocean and sky.
Cuthbert - For Betty Cuthbert who was a multiple gold medalist and advocate for disability. Green and Gold will be the House colours.
Hamlin - Named after Dr Catherine Hamlin, with the colours of Black and White representing cultural diversity and dignity for all people.

What if my child has special needs? (Learning difficulties or high achievement)

۶app has an established program that supports the academic learning of students of all abilities, including those with learning special learning needs and high achievers. Staff liaise with parents prior to enrolment to ensure processes and adequate provisions are in place.

Similarly, ۶app is constantly monitoring the emotional, social and academic progress and wellbeing of all its students.Should a child experience significant difficulty for a period of longer than 10 weeks in the following areas, they may be referred to the Learning Support Team, the school Psychologist or external health professionals to undertake assessment to determine the support that may assist their learning:

• Physical Disability/Mobility
• Personal care
• Social participation
• Safety
• Motor development
• Emotional well-being/Mental Health
• Sensory needs/Vision/ Hearing
• Transition
• Health/Chronic Illness
• Language and Communication
• Cognitive/Learning

Following assessment, learning plans are implemented to support the individual student. This may happen through adjustments implemented by classroom teachers or in more complex cases using specialist support services.

As a Christian School, we aim to reflect grace and generosity across our community that God has demonstrated to us through the Lord Jesus Christ. When we realise that we are incredibly loved by God we believe it gives us a sense of meaning and purpose. We invite our students to wrestle with the big questions of life in an age appropriate way. This is done in Christian Studies classes and assemblies, being also lived out in serving others, through community service. We believe that Jesus taught us the best way to live, hence we encourage students to think through and question the themes of the Bible, considering their relevance to contemporary life. A voluntary group Light is conducted weekly. It is our hope that our school will be shaped God’s love and that we would reflect that love to others.

For specific details on Boarding, Junior and Secondary School, please return to the FAQ's main page.


*success rate based on number of top band results as a percentage of the number of entries.