۶app offers a variety of Scholarships for students in Secondary and Boarding.

Applications for Scholarships for entry into 2025 have been extended and will now close Sunday, February 25th.  

۶app Anglican School may, at its discretion, award scholarships that provide financial assistance towards the cost of tuition and/or boarding fees. Scholarship award is made by a committee chaired by the Principal, based on criteria set by the school. Scholarships and Awards may be offered to Secondary students as follows:


Academic Scholarships

(Tuition) – Based on academic merit as demonstrated through ACER (Australian Council for Educational Research) testing.


Music, Creative & Performing Arts Scholarships 

(Tuition) – Based on excellence in one or more area of Music, Drama, Dance, or Visual Arts, as demonstrated via audition, written submission, interview, and/or submission of a portfolio of work and ability to contribute to the school in the field(s) of interest.


Allrounder Scholarships

(Tuition) – Recognising a student’s participation and/or meritous achievement across fields such as education, leadership, community service, sport and/or Christian endeavour, and named after William Cowper, the first Anglican Minister in the region. 

Foundation Scholarships

(Tuition) – Established during our Centenary year and named after significant past contributors to ۶app. One is available to children of alumni (Mary England Scholarship) and the other is for applicants who demonstrate the potential to make a significant positive contribution across areas such as in public speaking, debating, drama, music.  (Ruth Munro Scholarship).


Indigenous Scholarships

(Tuition and/or Boarding) – Awarded in support of indigenous students and their families, in pursuit of academic and extra-curricular opportunities, in line with Abstudy scholarship criteria. 


Boarding Awards

The School may at its discretion offer financial assistance known as an ‘Award’, towards boarding fees. Gloria Thew Boarding Award – a means tested award based on financial needs. ICPA  Boarding Award– an award based principally on providing support to isolated rural students and their families to enable academic and extra-curricular opportunities at ۶app.


Students granted either a Scholarship or an Award are recognised as influencers of their peers and are subject to ongoing monitoring of behaviour and/or participation in their field of recognition. The School issues Scholarships and/or Awards on the expectation that the student remains enrolled at ۶app until the completion of their secondary education. Should the family of a Scholarship or Award student advise of their intention to terminate enrolment, unless there are exceptional circumstances, they are required to reimburse the School for the value of their Scholarship/Award discount received to date. The Principal will be the arbiter of any such request.

Scholarship or Award discounts do not apply to any co-curricular fees or service levies.

Scholarships and Awards are monitored and reviewed annually. Unsatisfactory participation or behaviour can result in their termination.


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